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What Was The Last Movie You Watched?


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Sin City - I havent really taken the whole film in and it aint what im used to watching but i think i really enjoyed it. I aint sure yet. Its one of them films you either love or hate and im sitting on the fence.

I wont do any spoilers but i can say 2/3 of it was stylish and quite compulsive. Truth be told you'll probably love it. Should end up as a classic in its day no doubt.

A good film to take someone elses woman to.

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:lol:  i'm impressed.  normally i have to watch a film before i know if it's rubbish or not! :P  :rolleyes:


What I mean is I avoid certain films which I have a good idea will be rubbish. For instance, I won't willingly watch a film starring Hugh Grant or Juala Roberts.

Last Film I watched was Enduring Love which was excellent 8/10 (same as Chris)

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Guest thebullywee
I'm watching Supersize me on Channel 4, scary stuff!  :o


I changed the channel after about 10 minutes. I thought it was rubbish!

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