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What Was The Last Movie You Watched?


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Talented Mr Ripley, getting a go of Ripleys game to back up this week, so had to watch Talented Mr Ripley before hand


Not the best film ever, but its interesting to see how he keeps getting out of difficult situation. Looking forward to seeing John Malkovich in the role of Ripley.

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Just finished watching The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. I thought it was brilliant but I could understand people not liking it. I think you have to have a kind of Python type humour to get the jokes.

Alan Rickman is f'king hilarious. :lol:

Cheers LJ. :D

Onre thing though, it that Davina McCall playing the politician wummin, the credits were not on the DVD. If it wasnt her, its her double!


Nae probs. ;)

Glad you finally understand my avatar and signature now!

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Watched Sin City last night, I thought it worked as a true adaptation of the comics. Some pretty fine flesh on show but some pretty horrific scenes for those that don't enjoy violent flicks. It's not perfect though.

Those of you that enjoyed dark movies such as Dark City and Blade Runner should enjoy this as well as those that like comic book violence (think Blade et al).

7/10, just for the scantily clad women with guns :D


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Blade Trinity 8/10

Heard horrible reviews about it, but i really enjoyed it. Had a good storyline, plenty action, you didnt have to think about it, and some of the special effects were brilliant.

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