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What Was The Last Movie You Watched?


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21 grams. Drivel.

3/10 because Naomi Watts gets her tits out and has fabulous nipples. That is all.


they are fantastic nipples!! :D ...and on a side note, mulholland drive is a fantastic film for 2 reasons (one blonde, the other brunette! ;) ).

I watched hostage last night. was no bad but was a pretty bog-standard action/thriller.


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Guest Geordie_Elvis

Last 2 movies watched were both last night.......

House on Haunted Hill :ph34r: - Utter pish 3/10

Meet the Parents - Funny in parts 7/10

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Guest Tarvie

Watched Blade Trinity last week - Good film but a bit predicatable 6/10

Also watched Exorsist The Beginning last week - Not bad at all and it elps to complete the story 7/10

Meet the Parents last night - Good slapstick but Meet the Fockers is better 7/10

Need more horror :)

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Watched Meet the Parents last night, very tame.

Watched Van Helsing tonight, utter rubbish. Add that to no good looking men to take away from the atrocity that was the film and all in all, a non-event. What a pointless film :wacko:

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SHawshank Redemption after having it recomended to me. Fab film.


Knights Tale (fiancee loves that aussie w**k ;)

7/10 actually not a bad film, funny at times, and good story to it with a great moral (that anyone can change their stars if they make the most out of the 1 chance they get in life)

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BT-why have you quoted me?


Oops, do that a lot. Hit hte reply at your post instead of the normal reply.

Either that or i was shocked you hadnt seen shawshank before and was going to say it.

Its still early, and i had a meeting had to go to :lol:

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Just finished watching The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy. I thought it was brilliant but I could understand people not liking it. I think you have to have a kind of Python type humour to get the jokes.

Alan Rickman is f'king hilarious. :lol:

Cheers LJ. :D

Onre thing though, it that Davina McCall playing the politician wummin, the credits were not on the DVD. If it wasnt her, its her double!

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