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Two big topics on the radar for the pre-season owners meetings are banning the "hip drop" tackle and looking at the kick off rules.

I'm genuinely at a loss as to how rhe former would ever be called/not called as a penalty consistently. 

The last changes to the kick off were made primarily to reduce the risk of concussion. They've achieved that as hardly anyone bothers their arse returning it now. Rumours are that there will be a full adoption or some variation of the XFL rules.


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On 04/03/2024 at 10:10, Brummie Clyde said:

Some talk of an 18th regular season game being added.

An obvious end game to their expansion, unless they decide to go to 20 somewhere down the line - but that seems unlikely to get past the NFLPA as a suggestion.

Adding a 2nd bye week in addition to the 18th game will also allow the NFL to expand the season by two weeks. Much more money for all involved, so would expect to see this happen in the next few years.

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