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On 08/09/2022 at 22:52, Liam899 said:

Honestly think this is ridiculous. 


On 09/09/2022 at 11:26, Girth said:

That’s my Friday night plans ruined.  


On 09/09/2022 at 11:01, Pens_Dark said:

Pretty much exact same sentiment as everyone else here.

Surely a minutes silence and black armbands is enough. Get on with it.

Bet you were all oot on the Kingsway curtseying as the hearse passed.

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12 hours ago, Vernon gilmore said:

I have no shame in admitting I was on the kingsway yesterday, what’s your problem with that ?
im from the older generation that’s knows how to show respect 

To a paedophile protector and a lady from a multi billionaire family who set on golden throne telling us every year we need to give more to the people that need it. They live in literal palaces while happy to sit back while food banks, suicide rates and cost of living is at an almost record high. Hospital appointments have been cancelled on the 19th but yeah let's show our respect.

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Well, some good news for Saturday. Zak Rudden has recovered from his knock and will be available against ICT. Would've managed the Cove game on Friday too, Bowyer says.



Also, it seems our good friends in the local media have successfully blocked 12ft.io, so my next suggestion if it's inaccessible would be running the article through archive.is, which makes a complete saved archive of the webpage and seems to cut through the paywall.

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