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3 hours ago, The Derry said:

^^^ 1650 posts 52 green dots

<<< 1141 posts 1786 green dots


Unbelievable scenes for the 12th best poster in Pie and Bovril history.

Sorry. I'll try harder for greenies. Didn't realise that's what it's all about 🤣.

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2 hours ago, Bigmouth Strikes Again said:

Calling bullshit on it, no way is Asghar turning down a free meal at the Apex.

Thank you.


Edited by Girth
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Sad day losing Gowser. Always had a suspicion this was coming and didn't really believe Bowyer when he kept saying he was closer and closer to being fit. 

Legend is thrown about too often nowadays, but he really is a club legend. Our next challenge is finding someone who has given as much as Gowser has over the past years.

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