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Worst football stadiums you have been to


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1. Central Park. Obviously.

2. Rugby Park. Soulless and somehow Baltic every time I've been.

3. The Shyberry or whatever it's called. Lego.

4. Ferenc Szuza, Budapest. Actually not a bad wee ground but sneaks in because of the facilities. Truly the most disgusting thing I've ever seen in my life. Looked like somebody had a Bobby Sands type effort, shit absolutely everywhere. Wasn't even a jambo jobby sabotage type thing going on, the bogs were attached to the club shop behind a segregated gate. Baffling.

5. Central Park again.

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New Bayview

Bet Butler

All soulless barns. At least places like Cappielow, Central Park and Cliftonhill have a bit of character about them. I dread the day that Scottish football is full of Lego Land stadiums. With the bet butler and new Bayview they should've went down the road of building a stadium like Balmoor or Forthbank as both are cracking wee grounds and are a lot better to watch football in.

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I suppose that "worst" is open to interpretation. There's no doubt that the soulless lego grounds are universally dreadful. For some reason, all of them seem to have the wind howling through them whatever the weather. Some do have redeeming features (e.g. the pies at our present home, Airdrie; Dumbarton's relative proximity to civilisation...or at least, what passes for civilisation in Dumbarton), but when they're in the middle of nowhere like Broadwood, it's time to take a wee look at what we're doing.

The way that the stewards behave is also a factor to be taken into account. Some places are completely out of order even when the attendance is below 500.

Cliftonhill is actually fine as a ground at Division Two level, I would add.

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1. John Cumming Stadium - Carluke Rovers

2. Central Park

3. New St MIrren Park

4. Excelsior

5. Meadowbank

Could think of far worse grounds in the juniors but would struggle to call them "Football stadiums".

By their very nature, a lot of junior grounds have been added to piecemeal thanks to local volunteer labour over the years and are a total H&S nightmare, but virtually no two have the same feel to them. Very few have pretensions to being stadiums in the SPFL sense, and it's a bit unfair to compare them with projects which have cost millions.

I'm with the poster earlier who mentioned the likes of Almondvale, Airdrie, Broadwood etc; soulless out-of-town Lego kits which are way too big for the sides playing at them, where the only clue as to which team plays there is the colour of the seats.

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Central Park -uncomfortable seats with decent view or terrace with no view.

Somerset - view is ok but no running water in the toilets is just manky.

Cappielow - being a lanky git the main stand is shockingly uncomfortable. Also the long walk to the toilets or facilities is a joke.

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From the SPFL:

1. Hampden

2. Shielfield

3. Cliftonhill

4. Somerset

5. Cappielow

I'm amazed to see Firs Park (RIP) on someone's list- I'd class it as one of the best.

u mad Hampden should be no where near this list horrible that you have put the top obviously you haven't been to station park
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