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Falkirk v Fraserburgh


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McBookie have said they've had a lot of interest in this bet so far. They've pointed to the fact that the Broch haven't lost a game by more then a single goal all season. However you'd like to think that a Championship team in good form will be too good for them to continue such a record.

I've just got £25 on it but if my sign up bonus of £25 arrives in time I'll stick that on as well.

Edit: had a look at their site and while its true they haven't lost a competitive game by more then a goal this season they did take a couple of 4-0 beatings against Arbroath and a St Johnstone XI in pre-season.

Posted on here earlier and that was a team full of mainly trialists, lots of young lads for us. I've checked their team and it was them full strength. They're awful, the centre halves are genuinely fat wee munchkins. The highland league has got 2 or 3 half decent teams but they're sitting 9th.

If it was Arbroath playing tomorrow id be expecting Falkirk to win by 2 or 3 with how good they're looking at the moment. Our teams pipe reek as well at the moment and we comfortably got past Brora.

I'm nervous about the bet because it's the largest sum of money I've ever put on but I'm quietly confident at the same time.

Worst comes to worst I'll cash out. There's no chance Falkirk won't win the game or will go behind so it shouldn't be too much of a hit.

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Be interesting to see how many come down from the Highlands. I see they have been allocated the North stand.

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Fraserburgh isn't in the Highlands.

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We made ridiculously hard work of that - our usual go 1-0 up and then play completely pedestrian football.

Ryan Blair looked completely lost out there, I've been really disappointed in him.

Well played Fraserburgh, really well organised in midfield if a little panicky at the back at times. 4-1 wasn't a fair reflection on the game, 2-0 would have been fair. Looked like the fans had a great time though!

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