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A Photographic History Of Scottish Football

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On 14/01/2018 at 21:28, Monkey Tennis said:

I'm sure I saw Kilmarnock wearing hoops a couple of times in the late 70s.


On 14/01/2018 at 21:33, Andy_K_97 said:

You're absolutely correct, you would have done. In the early 70s we went for the St. Johnstone look of all blue before adopting a design similar to our playoff final season home strip, then hoops in the late 70s. When Tommy Burns became manager we reverted to the stripes save for a couple of seasons where we had white tops with blue shorts and socks in the 90s. 

Kilmarnock wearing hoops.....against the hoops who are actually wearing an all green change kit v Killie at Celtic Park in 1980 in a picture off the excellent Celtic Wiki.

Presumably the ayrshire side's away kit was too similar hence Celtic wearing a change kit at home. Dom Sullivan is the Celtic player challenging for the ball, the curly mop behind him may be Roy Aitken me-thinks.


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15 hours ago, Brian Mcculloch Glasgow said:


Davie Provan of Celtic .

The man who gave the greatest put down in Scottish football history when he told Alex 'staunch' McDonald a.k.a Wee Doddie..


"I could keep a beach ball off you in a phone box"  :lol:

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8 minutes ago, Drew Brees said:








I always enjoyed Andy McLaren's story about that day. After playing in the game he went to illicitly buy a cairryoot from his local offie in Castlemilk, successfully bought what he needed but the woman behind the counter shouted him back as he was about to leave - only for him to be told that he and the rest of the Scotland team had been hard-done by in the game!

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A couple of old cups South of Scotland League clubs still play for- the 1st photo is a close up of the Tweedie Cup showing a Victorian football scene. The 2nd cup has a couple of wonky goals and a football on the top wearing a cap which was part of the kit in the 1870s. 

Both magnificent trophies. 

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10 hours ago, Eednud said:

It used to be the home team that changed kit in League games when there was a colour/kit clash and both sides in Scottish Cup ties. Not sure when things changed.

Still the case in a load of other sports.

I was once told it was due to the home team being more likely to have spare tops lying around if it was decided that there was a clash after everyone had arrived at the ground. Not sure how true this is though.

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Just now, Melanius Mullarkey said:

You would think in this day and age (and indeed any day and age) teams would realise what colours other teams wear and plan accordingly.


At higher levels yes. In these cases (eg Rugby), it's probably down to tradition. It's still quite a big thing to get your hands on a white NZ jersey, since traditionally the All Blacks would only wear them in NZ against France or Scotland.

Not always the case at lower levels though, especially when you get refs who decide they can't tell the teams apart even if all the players can!

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11 hours ago, 7-2 said:


The Saudi Arabia Under-16 XI


I spoke once with Ross Mathie about this game, and when I asked him if the players were overage he said that they probably were, but legally in Saudi Arabia they'd be considered under 16. His explanation was that a lot of the players would be from small villages where the taxman would come round every few years or so, and if a child was under a certain age then they wouldn't pay any tax on them. The parents would more than likely get away with saying that kids of 6 or 7 were 3 or 4 and that way they'd be registered as younger than they actually were.

It doesn't take away from the fact that had it been an even match of players actually from the correct age bracket we'd have had a great chance to win the game.

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