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A Photographic History Of Scottish Football

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Out with the old and in with the new at Hampden in these pictures. The only memory I have of Hampden before being in its current state was in the mid-90s when the east and north stands had been built but the old Rangers end and main stand were still there. My Dad's mate who was from Reading was in Scotland and my Dad took us both to Hampden for a look. He brought a football with him and we ended up going through the gate at the west side of the stand and onto the pitch to have a kick about. I don't remember that much other than the darkness of the old covered terrace, albeit with its seats bolted on, and how big the pitch was. I just wish I'd been that wee bit older so as I could remember more about the old stand because I'd have loved to have experienced a game there.

1990s hampden old main stand torn down.jpg

1996 hampden demolition.jpg

1997 reconstruction 1.jpg

1997 reconstruction 2.jpg

1997 reconstruction 3.jpg

1997 reconstruction 4.jpg

1997 reconstruction 5.jpg

1997 reconstruction 6.jpg

1998 hampden main stand construction.jpg

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17 hours ago, Flybhoy said:


Kilmarnock wearing hoops.....against the hoops who are actually wearing an all green change kit v Killie at Celtic Park in 1980 in a picture off the excellent Celtic Wiki.

Presumably the ayrshire side's away kit was too similar hence Celtic wearing a change kit at home. Dom Sullivan is the Celtic player challenging for the ball, the curly mop behind him may be Roy Aitken me-thinks.


Jim Clark on the left who I thought was a great player, next to Ally Mauchlen who is one of the hardest and dirtiest players I ever saw play for us (loved him).  Remember him taking the rip out of Neale Cooper when he was at Aberdeen one day when he kept pulling him down following a crunching tackle and Cooper was going daft. 

The Killie player on the RHS  I think, is either Paul Clarke, Alan Robertson or George 'Sam' Maxwell.  (Sam Maxwell is the best penalty taker ever in our history). 

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On ‎17‎/‎01‎/‎2018 at 09:28, Mark Connolly said:
On ‎16‎/‎01‎/‎2018 at 23:16, Eednud said:

It used to be the home team that changed kit in League games when there was a colour/kit clash and both sides in Scottish Cup ties. Not sure when things changed.

Still the case in a load of other sports.

I was once told it was due to the home team being more likely to have spare tops lying around if it was decided that there was a clash after everyone had arrived at the ground. Not sure how true this is though.

I believe that SPFL rules follow the traditional route of the away team changing in the event of a clash.

At grass roots level the reverse is more common for the reasons Eednud says.  Home team supposedly more likely to get their hands on a change kit in the event of a clash. Never understood why teams can be so disorganised and ill prepared as to turn up in similar kits.

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Three pictures from 1967 - arguably Scottish football's greatest ever year. The first shows Rugby Park's old east terrace at its best, full to the brim. In the second picture the USSR's premier Alexei Kosygin is introduced to the Killie players and looks absolutely thrilled to be meeting Jackie McGrory. In the third picture Killie are in action against Lokomotiv Leipzig in the quarter final of the Fairs Cup. Killie won the game 2-0 and progressed to the semi final of the competition only to be roundly beaten by Don Revie's team. My Papas both told me that their workplace, the Glacier, chartered special trains to go down to Leeds for the first leg at Elland Road. I can't imagine how expensive it would be to do that now!

1967 east terrace.jpg

1967 Jackie Meets Kosygin.jpg

1967 rugby park v leipzig.jpg

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Wrong Jackie - McGrory not McInally!
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