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Dundee United 2018/2019

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1 minute ago, Highlandmagyar 2nd String said:

Genuine question. Will United survive this financial disaster? And if they do how poor will the squad be? Regards a possible new manager. Take Archibald.

No. We're starting a new club and applying to League Two.

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This 'takeover' is going to be brilliant to watch!  No Borthwick (Said in the press he is not part of this 'takeover'), just Thompson and Martin under a new name with Thompson creating a club in the states and Martin running United (as it stands just now), 'United FC Group Limited', with your club going down the community route like Stenhousemuir FC. You will try to create a link or buy a club in the states when Thompson is across there (Exact same as the OZ plan, mind that ;) ).  

Enjoy your community club 


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Laszlo has to go. To be replaced by David Hopkin please. Built a Time wasting, not taking shit and bullying kick and punt team that’s fit for getting out of this league.


13 players out of contract plus 5 loans so 18 free to go. Only ones I’d keep Is Moshni, Fyvie and Mehmet (If he’s fit to play from August). I’d release murdoch, edge, scobbie, toshney and king while only keeping Mcmullan, Matty Smith and keatings.




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1 minute ago, jackjarviscraiglang said:

Karma for another season for the Dundee HIV’s, ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

Better to lose every match 30-0 until the end of time than stand back and watch your club die.

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