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The F1 Thread

die hard doonhamer

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Early start to this thread.

Drivers line up is now confirmed


What's to be expected from 2019? Hopefully Red Bull can move up front with Mercedes and Ferrari, and maybe Renault too. Expect Hamilton to win it again, to be honest.

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Merc will be strong again and hamilton just seems to be in a league of his own


Ferrari hopefully too but i can already see vettel spitting the dummy when he realises how quick leclerc is


Red bull will be a bit of an unknown with honda


I hope renault can be strong but im just not sure their engine will be anywhere near the top 2


Haas toro rosso and racing point will be meh and i hope sauber can kick on


Mclaren r just a disappointment every season and i dont see that changing with renault and i really hope williams can improve massively. Watching these 2 teams running about at the back of the field must be heartbreaking for anyone thats watched f1 for any length of time


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27 minutes ago, Jeek said:

I really am struggling to get excited about this year.

Would love a jump forward by Renault, but the gap to the top 3 is so vast, I'm not sure it's possible

Noises coming from Renault suggest they think they've got their engine up to the standard Merc had last year. Mercedes and Ferrari will jump forward again though, so they'll still be a bit short.

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RBR have a reputation of flipping on engine suppliers within an instant, Honda not been that great in development (McLaren beat Torro Rosso last season), Newey tends to design cars which have high grip and a bit draggy so need the power....

.....you honestly don't think Horner/Marko will be moaning at Honda by Silverstone when they are still getting beaten by the Mercs and Ferrari?

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