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die hard doonhamer

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On 1/20/2019 at 00:21, Dindeleux said:

I think we could be on for a classic year this year, so many interesting team line ups.

That's what we hope every time this year and it quickly turns to a Mercedes/Hamilton borefest. Don't expect anything different this year and finding it hard to get excited by F1 anymore but would like to see Honda prove everyone wrong and get back to their 80's style best.

Off to watch some Nascar qualy races now for some overtaking and close racing.

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Is that for non current Sky subscribers or those of us who subscribe already? If it's the latter they can GTF and i'll watch via the Firestick.
I think that is the price to get the F1 channel on it's own with no other sports channels?
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Running a Fantasy F1 league again this year.

Just go to www.fantasygp.com, register your team then join the private league with the code 618914.

Everyone welcome, the more the merrier, pass the details on to other folk - but there's only two weeks until the season starts!

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Because the permadiddies would just hoard as many fresh tyres as possible to do qualifying runs at the end of the race. Though if the gap between the leading teams and the midfield is as wide as it was last season then Bottas etc. would be able to stop at least once and do the same.

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Qualifying and the race for next weekends Australian GP will be broadcast live on Sky One, as well as Sky Sports F1.

Qualifying and Race (Sky One)

Saturday 16th March

05:00 Live Australian F1 GP Quali Pre-Show
05:55 Live Australian F1 GP Qualifying

Sunday 17th March

03:30 Live Australian F1 GP: Pit Lane Live
04:30 Live Australian F1 GP: On the Grid
05:05 Live Australian F1 Grand Prix 
07:00 Live Australian F1 GP: Paddock Live
08:00 F1: GP Full Race
11:00 F1: GP: On the Grid
11:35 F1: Grand Prix

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