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NY Times Dialect Quiz

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Some nice Friday entertainment for the good people of P&B. Where's your dialect from?


Looks like some solid #Perthshire in mine judging by this, with a healthy dose of East Lothian, Ayrshire and the Western Isles.



Anyone who follows me on Twitter why know why Younes Kaboul's Wiki page is opened in the other tab.


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4 minutes ago, Zen Archer said:

Try it again.

To be sure, to be sure.

Actually I did.

It turns out I'm Scottish and was looking at the wrong bloody map, because it didn't come up properly on the Kindle.

I'm East coast though - bit Dundonian it would appear.

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1 minute ago, DeeTillEhDeh said:
2 minutes ago, GordonD said:

Mine is almost identical to that

Well, we're on the intellectual side of the country, with no Weegie influence. Hence the expression "the wise men from the East".

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