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Rangers' Wee Spot in Europe - Season 2023/24

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16 minutes ago, Jacky1990 said:

Not doing the "Rangers fans are oddballs" claim any favours with that take.

As for the one protestant thing. Gads. And people have the brass neck to mock muslim countries ruled by religious zelots.

You are not allowed to criticise that religion , even abroad !

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Just now, 19QOS19 said:
3 minutes ago, jagfox said:
Lahoz taking no shite from the scouse mouth. Pleasing!

Absolute muppet. He wasn't getting booked until he started mouthing off. Hilarious if he gets a second yellow for a soft challenge.

A repeat of Easter Road, with red cards for Lundstram and Morelos, looks distinctly possible at this stage. 

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As 0-0s go, you'd be hard pushed to find a better one. Incredible tempo from Napoli but tbf to Rangers they are keeping up with them. If Napoli get an early goal in the second half I could see it ending 2/3-0 as they'll cut Rangers open if they have to go more attacking. Fair play to Gio in putting Tavernier further up the park. Getting him out the road so he can't be roasted at the back.

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Decent game. Napoli clearly have the better players but seem to be wanting too long on the ball and busy admiring their own play instead of trying to create chances and score goals.

Kevin Thomson sounds unbelievably thick. When he mentioned that Steven Davis "has a clever brain" you could hear the faint outline of jealousy in his voice.

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