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Dundee United 2019/2020

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Is Appere going to be an exciting prospect, he certainly took my interest when he signed as a youth. 
A strong athletic pacey striker, let's see how he gets on. 
Very good player who can play both as a striker or wide left, I preferred him on the left though.

Like all young players, his decision making isn't always the best but that'll come.

Another loan deal til January may not be a bad thing for him, this time with a league 1 or league 2 club.
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I’m happy with our options up front 

clark, shankland and sow backed up by Appere and Chalmers should be fine for the season ahead.  Possibly put one of the youngsters out on loan until January.


Hoping we’ll be playing 2 strikers up top in at least some games this season.  Think Shankland with Clark/Sow would bring plenty goals.

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3 hours ago, RandomGuy. said:

St Johnstone fans - He ruined yous last time round, youd love him.

United fans - Hes been ruined by injuries/lost half a yard/lost whatever he had

St Johnstone fans - Have you actually seen him play since his injury?

United fans - Not relevant, hes shite.


I've simmed the next few posts to save us time.

Nobody cares, mate.

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2 minutes ago, Pull My Strings said:

Nobody cares, mate.

Do you often butt into conversations to tell people you don't care about what theyre talking about?

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7 minutes ago, invergowrie arab said:

What is it then? Collar and sponsor seems OTT for a training kit 

United asked for a temp kit for the friendlies, it is a pretty nice top though and I think it would be a perfectly good away kit. 

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