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League Cup Group F


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Slightly miffed about being in such a Brexity group. Highest concentration of bald, red faced seethers in the short history of the group stages. Disappointing to see a support of our social standing involved in this freak show. 

Honourable exception for the Thistle support. Could see myself sharing a bottle of Shiraz and discussing the pros and cons of the Euro with a Jags fan. 

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When we were in the premiership I was hoping to win the group, get the weakest possible team in the last 16 and take it from there.  

All I really wanted now was a decent away day on a Saturday, which means if it's not QP away then I'm going in the huff.


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3 hours ago, The Master said:

There isn't a pattern for the unseeded teams. 

The only guaranteed pairing is 1st vs 2nd. The rest are up in the air. 

There did seem to be a pattern for the first two years based on the 3 "unseeded" teams being ranked 3,4, and 5 based on their finishing positions the season prior after the draw was made e.g. the 3rd seed would be at home to teams 1 and 5, but agreed that went out the window last year outside 1 always being at home to 2.

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I don't think we've had an away game on a Saturday since this format was introduced so hopefully we're due one. Thistle preferably. Not overly fussed about where the rest of them are played if we get that. 

Pretty exciting group, it has to be said. Used to enjoy playing Thistle, Airdrie and Hamilton when we were all in the 1st Division. Some cracking games. 

QP are like a jobby that won't flush.


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