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The official Boris pm cluster-fuck thread


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Watching this, I have to say I've gained a tiny, miniscule bit of respect for the way Boris is able to just brazen it out and clearly gives no fucks whatever happens. If the utter fucking slime ball manages to stay on he's proven he's bigger than the whole party. What a shit show. Can only be good for independence chances.

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1 minute ago, jakedee said:
4 minutes ago, dirty dingus said:
Good old Hoyle taking one for Bozo.

Speaker losing the plot because MP's clapping, but allows the lies spouted to go unchecked. Kind of sums up this charade.

Hoyle is the parliamentary equivalent of damp toilet roll. I know he was a pain in the arse but Bercow was leagues above this tit.

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13 minutes ago, Bully Wee Villa said:

Hoyle is a massive twat but I don't think he's wrong to clamp down on clapping.

He should maybe clamp down on all the other shite too then. He’s like the supply teacher who lets the class run riot, then loses their shit at the quiet kid for dropping a pencil.

Pretty savage statement from Sajid Javid there, Boris and his acolytes won’t give a f**k though

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1 minute ago, dirty dingus said:

Tories are all self serving c***s but can't beat a bit of stabbing in the front.

I can, cannot do, do not condone, endorse this Prime minister when standards come, don't come from the top bottom. 

If he was trying to stab him in the front it was with a wet lettuce. 

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