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The Dundee Derby - 30/8/19

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24 minutes ago, Big Shedboy said:

Don't get into crowd debates. It won't end well for you.


21 minutes ago, RossDee01 said:



14 minutes ago, Big Shedboy said:


"Won't end well" = laughing emoji.

Fantastic debating skills. 


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As a relative newcomer to the Dundee cause, I would like to stress what a sickener that was, and yet also how a big  bunch of allegedly grown adults who dress like Teletubbies are in many ways the real losers. 
Thank you. 

they still think this is a genuine account too
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John Bennet got punted in amongst the Dundee fans last night. He was extremely unhappy about it. Where are you sitting? In the directors box John. Harrumph he went, and trotted off, face like fizz. That and winning the half time draw made the evening bearable.

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1 hour ago, stumigoo said:

Whilst we are on the topic of minter behaviour, if anyone on here has lost a scarf I’m sure you could ask at the Tannadice reception if they have a lost and found box.


state of that trackside is a minter

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25 minutes ago, RogerBoli said:


That celebration from McMullan was bizarre. Honestly thought he was having a heart attack. It provided a bit of levity to the fact we were 4-1 down. It was like he was being electrocuted.

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