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The decade is coming to an end. When you look back through modern history decades become associated with cultural, political and social trends and changes. For example, the 60s are now shorthand for social changes and the challenging of traditional elites and authority. The 80s are associated with Thatcherism, the resurgence of the Right after many years of the social democratic post War consensus.


What will the 2010s become known for? Austerity, independence referendum, Brexit, Corbyn, Syria and Trump have defined politics.


The growth of social media has been huge during this decade, Facebook growing from 500m monthly users to 2.3bn between 2010 and 2017 with Twitter rising from 7m to 238m estimated users during the same period.


Economically the fall out from the economic crash has continued to be a defining issue, in Britain the sense that we haven’t really got out from under the shadow of it continues, alongside productivity sluggishness.


What are P&Bers highlights and lowlights of the decade?


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The arrival of China as a major player on the world stage for the first time in a couple of hundred years. 

The increased polarisation of post "Great Recession" politics.

The end of youth culture as a driver of major cultural trends, but the arrival of the "golden age" of television. 

"You mean back when super hero movies were actually cool?"

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as said before social media & absolutely fucking everything being filmed and photographed by c***s with their phones, these existed pre 2010 but not to the same level.

online dating going from a weirdo's niche that was roundly mocked to a mainstream and highly popular method .

The massive rise in vanity that has came with the 2 above mentioned things, I can't be the only one that's noticed? birds now get more dolled up for the gym  than they did for a night out 10 year ago


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Really wish girls and women would stop trying to be like the famous for being famous celebs like the kardashians. They mostly look ridiculous caked in makeup and pouting while using dozens of filters. I foresee massive mental health issues and confidence problems if this daft trend continues.

Same for men also, noting wrong with trying to better yourself but do it for you not to look like someone else. 

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2010s were a mix for me because on the positive side:

- Still Alive
- Got into Uni
- Got through School
- Saw United Lift a Major Trophy
- Got laid on more than one occasion
- Nearly finished my degree

On the negative:

- Suffered from depression in school and get bouts of now
- United have been shite recently
- Politics, world is burning
- Haven't been able to hold down a long-term relationship
- Just shite generally.

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Totally agree with the way social media has completely warped how folk perceive themselves and how they feel the need to present the ‘perfect’ version of themselves at all times.

It’s utter nonsense and a ticking mental health time bomb as others have said.

The decade, personally, has been mixed.

Met my current partner near the start of the decade (good thing, just in case he’s reading); Moved out of the family home (also good), then moved back in due to finances (bad).

Still, the next decade is looking positive already. Just a shame the planet will be in the fiery depths of hell by the end of it.

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