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Conspiracy Theories

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2 hours ago, Lofarl said:

The whole thing with the internet is that it is open all hours.  Even right now as I write this at 7:40 am with a touch of frost on the ground.

Surely they'd be doing Porridge for stuff like that?

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On 02/10/2022 at 15:51, Detournement said:

Nothing about this makes sense. 


There was a country music festival on. 23 firearms was probably about average. 

Need to look at the first victim. The others are just to make it look like a mass shooting. That worked for Tom Cruise anyway. 

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13 minutes ago, Detournement said:

We're having a brainstorming session of posh celebrities in my work just now and it turns out Richard Curtis's father in law is Clement Freud. 

His wife must be oooh me Emma Freuds are itchy then.

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