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Tapatalk - Temporarily Disabled

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As you'll have seen we've been having a few problems this morning.

As a result of these having looked at the logs I've taken the decision to at least temporarily disable Tapatalk on the forum.

So if you're struggling to connect via Tapatalk that's why. Please use the mobile browser version for the time being.

Update; The site has been completely stable since we've disabled Tapatalk so don't count on it returning!

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I coincidentally updated the Tapatalk app tonight and thought there was issues as I couldn’t get logged back in but this is obviously why. I sent a help request thing via the website before I saw this announcement so any admins/Div please ignore the help request.

Wouldn’t be upset if Tapatalk didn’t come back. It was a bit of a mess.  

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4 hours ago, DeeTillEhDeh said:

Since the app went I prefer to use Tapatalk instead of the online website version.

Same, have used tapatalk since the app went down, Would be a miss if it went.

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