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Livingston v St.Mirren.Wednesday.

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Just now, Kempes said:

Just seen the teams and I’m thinking that Coventry Saint might not be winning his bet. I’m sure he’d much rather we came away with the three points though. It’s now or never!

Yeah, I'm quietly confident we can pick something up here. Hope we set about them from the off. And yes, I would gladly empty my B365 account if it meant picking up 3 points tonight.

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I'd imagine we're lining up:


Devlin Ayo Boyes Montano

Shinnie Se Kelly Pittman

Bahamboula Anderson St Kelly


Similar to how we started against Hibs with Sean Kelly giving us more of a physical presence than Holt. I think we may have seen the last of Fitzwater and he's sorting out a move in the same way Dykes was pulled out of the squad before his QPR move.

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1 minute ago, Hayshead2 said:

What's wrong with Big Nouble? I've noticed that he's not been playing the last few games. Nothing serious I hope. 🇱🇻

Inflamed knee, apparently he was 50/50 for this. Can only imagine it’s flared up again

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Honestly can’t believe anyone thinks that wasn’t a red card.  

Way worse than the one you’re currently appealing - which 2 referees thought was a red.  

Totally out of control from Pitman. 

Another Livvy player did a wild lunge 10 minutes later and was lucky he didn’t connect.  

You’d have thought after Saturday they’d tone down the physicality a bit.  

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The red card against Hibs blew apart our set up but at least this time we've been able to just go from a 3-6-1 to a 3-5-1. Montaño and Bahamboula both had excellent halves there. Centre of a 3 really suits Obileye, he's looked solid. Boyes doing well so far. Maybe a bit over-eager with his curled long passes looking for Anderson although Montaño was picking up the second balls off some of them. Stephen Kelly buzzing about well and getting on the ball.

St Mirren took control for the first time that last 10 minutes there. Fraser stepping forward down the right was creating overloads. Baccus was noticeably getting farther forward too in that inside right channel. Bahamboula and Montaño were also getting pinned back towards the end of the half. 

Result probably depends on what St Mirren do now. Livi will tire and I can see a St Mirren goal coming eventually. Set pieces or Anderson catching one of these long through balls are maybe our best hope of a goal.

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