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Dundee FC vs Ayr United - 21/03/23

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1 hour ago, ayrunitedfw said:

You beat us convincingly with 10 men. Have you regressed since then? 

We do tend to regress at the season goes on. 

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4 hours ago, Sortmeout said:

They’ve opened a sit-in Greggs in Kilmarnock. Enough room to seat maybe 20-25 people + your normal queue for takeaway and they (based on any time I’ve been in) have a max of two people serving. One of whom appears to be a 70+ year old woman who can’t hear and has less mobility than my gran (who has been dead 6 years).


4 hours ago, The Derry said:

What possessed you to think anyone in this thread gives a f**k about anything a wee daft dingus of a Killie fan has to say?

“Derry’s gonnae get you” repeat infinitum in a creepy voice.

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5 hours ago, Richey Edwards said:

Didn't see a single Dundonian during my lunchbreak.

Let today be remembered as the day Dundee fans shat it from Richey Edwards from P&B.

Make sure and let Bangala know. He’ll be very proud.

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1 minute ago, ryanayr1987 said:

Are you guys streaming this tonight? Don’t think my iptv is streaming unfortunately 

This available on a stream anywhere? 

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I 'adopted' Ayr as my Scottish team a few years ago - Somerset Park was the first Scottish ground I ever visited - and I've come up from the English Midlands for tonight. On that basis I can't help but feel it'll be a 0-0 without a shot on target. 

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23 hours ago, johnnydun said:

I wish Bowyer would revert to a 442 tbh.


21 hours ago, Boo Khaki said:

Even if he does it will still likely be McGhee in midfield and Mulligan at RB.

World's biggest facepalm GIF here please.

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I'm not 100% buying that Jakubiak is up front yet. Nor am I buying that McGhee and Cameron are our only CMs.

Not sure what else it can be otherwise but it can't be as it seems. Doesn't add up.

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1 minute ago, johnnydun said:

Hannant in ahead of McMullan.

For. f**k. Sake.

Totally agree. McMullan may have been slightly off of late but we’ve yet to see f**k all from Hannant. Seriously considering watching the stream rather than going. 

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