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Scotland v Cyprus 25/03/23


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5 minutes ago, Savage Henry said:

Oof.  These Cypriot commentators are very much from the Aberdeen/Commentator Tom school of silence when the opposition score.

I know the Greek for offside now..

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Thought Robertson was offside but they didn't seem to show the famous lines so no idea how close it was. Well worked though and good that we've got a threat down both sides as Hickey has had some joy down the right. Some amount of time to make that VAR decision though. Must be using the Scottish facilities rather than UEFAs own.

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Just now, Rugster said:

It’s pish. Cheap shite. 

Watching by dubious means but yeah, it’s as if the video quality is low.

Apparently it’s UEFA who decide who to sell the rights to as well and then the nation gets the money, as opposed to the individual association.

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13 minutes ago, Virtual Insanity said:

Just me or is the viaplay picture quality noticeably poorer than Sky/BT? 

Not as sharp as Sky HD on the zoomed out picture, but I have non-HD BT Sport and Viaplay is infinitely better than that.

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1 minute ago, jaggyness said:

The joy we're having down the left is actually benefiting us as Hickey is doing brilliantly to get forward down the right so there's always bodies in the box

Yeah I think Hickey sees a goal is on for him with all the joy we're getting down the left. 

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5 minutes ago, PauloPerth said:

McGinn is now 7th on the list of Scotland international scorers, a tremendous achievement and could go a good bit higher.


It's his 16th, his 15th was vs Turkey.

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