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Scotland v Cyprus 25/03/23

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32 minutes ago, Savage Henry said:

Oof.  These Cypriot commentators are very much from the Aberdeen/Commentator Tom school of silence when the opposition score.


It's the height of bad manners that they don't speak English.

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1 hour ago, Savage Henry said:

So you didn’t celebrate James Morrison’s goal against England then?  Shall we not count any Che Adams goals today?

If they've been capped for another nation, then they should stick to that nation. Doesn't matter which player or nation it is. Players with Scottish parents and grand-parents, fine, but they should make a choice and stick to it.

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As comfortable as we could have hoped for whilst not performing anywhere near our best. The Halloumi Eaters have been relatively well organised but don't offer anything.

Finishes 2-0 unless we get that 2nd goal early on.

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1 minute ago, Cptn Hooch said:

Take off Jack and get Ferguson or Gilmour on....need more positivity in the midfield. Che Adams hasn't offered much at all up top

Jack has performed better than Mcgregor so far. Either could be subbed or indeed both. 

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SFA sold the rights to Premier and fans sold up the swany needing yet another sub. Then they don’t provide any half time analysis as they’re cheap and just using the deal for max income, highlighted by just been exposed to a La Liga highlights package for 15 mins.

Add in a tone deaf £90 strip they only ordered …. what? ….. 100 of for the whole nation.

Whoever is their commercial director need their jotters.

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Cyrpus are shite and we've been flat. Lots of aimless possession and poor crossing.

The midfield have all been lacklustre for me. Armstrong especially ticking all the sanddancer boxes of looking tidy in possession without actually doing anything productive with it.

Nowhere near our strongest 11 for sure.

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