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Are Tarff Rovers Finished For Good?

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Sounds very likely the other side was Creetown???????????

The registration could be a thing of the past because if the end in the top two in future, they will eventually be allowed to compete again the the Scottish Cup.

Are the amateur set-up also called Tarff Rovers?

nothing to do with creetown !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hi, my elderly neighbour played for Tarff Rovers in the 1930's and 1940's, does anyone know how I can find any photos or memorabilia from that period as I understand they are no more as a club.

The only thing he has left is an official approach from Falkirk dated July 1941 offering him a contract for the coming season. In the contract he was offered 4 pounds per came, 1 pound win bonus and ten shillings for a draw......I would appreciate any help...Thanks

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It's a good question. Often local pubs have old photos, btw. Some bits-n-pieces here:


They had an attractive badge:


Anyone know if the club documents etc. were donated to the Hampden Museum, or D&G Council archives?

Any ex-committee still around locally? If an old Bebo page is correct, final chairman Clifford Allan - mentioned above - died in 2008.


Some Bebo-sourced pics:



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I followed Tarff for about ten years up until they folded in '03 and was at a lot of the games listed above in the epic finish to the 01-02 season. I was also at the club's very last game in the Scottish Cup at Vale of Leithen (an 8-0 reverse i my memory serves me right). I used to commute to the games from Edinburgh and once or twice ended up travelling 3 hours midweek only to find the game called off. When Tarff folded my interest in football dwindled and I developed more of an interest in other sports (cricket, shinty, bandy!). I've still got a first team shirt that i somehow managed to acquire plus a few other odds and ends in the attic including a few Chic Charnley posters!

After 11 years I'm still gutted the club is no more. Like i said i don't really follow football any more. Not like you can suddenly start following another team like it's the same thing. Not been to Kirkcowan for a long time. Miss the place

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Breaks my heart saying pictures like this... evolution though, adapt or die. Should be used as a wake up call to other teams that are sleepwalking into oblivion, history counts for nothing when the shit hits the fan

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