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Golfers Thread


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Tiger just ran out of steam. Can’t see him making the weekend. Very impressive from Rory tho 
Thought he might, everything I had read said that he hadn't played a full 18 holes in practice, and all the journos are saying it's a very long course just to walk around.

Took a maddy and put a fiver on Rory, with Niemann and Fitzpatrick ew.
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8 minutes ago, Ro Sham Bo said:

Turned the golf on for the first time tonight just in time to hear the dreaded words "and I'm joined by Paul McGinley". 

Closely followed by 'high tariff shot'

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Morning wave clearly have the best of the condition's to make a score be interesting to see how Fitzpatrick gets on today as I think his -1 was the best of the afternoon players 

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Top 70 and ties make the cut. If scoring similar to yesterday cut likely to be at 4 over. Could drift a bit though. 

Edit to add link to a live predictive model. As of 1.55pm suggesting +4 the most likely cut but also +3 and +5 very much in the mix. Given round 2 only just started suspect this may well change.

Live Cut Prediction

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2 hours ago, doulikefish said:

Whilst most probably went the gym and did other healthy things.John Daly went to Hooters and then the casino last night 🤣


Tbf I wouldn't be going to the gym after this either.


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