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Colin Osborne got another win under his belt.

Right, first lot of games.


Mervyn King vs. Kirk Shepherd

Raymond Van Barneveld vs. Francis Hoenselaar

Tony O'Shea vs. Brian Woods

Colin Osborne vs. Colin Lloyd

Phil Taylor vs. Anastasia Dobromyslova

John Part vs. Kevin Painter

Daryl Fitton vs. Steve Maish

Mark Webster vs. Vincent Van Der Voort


Steve Beaton vs. Co Stompe

Robert Thornton vs. Andy Hamilton

Adrian Lewis vs. Darin Young

Simon Whitlock vs. Wayne Mardle

Ted Hankey vs. Scott Waites

Gary Anderson vs. Kevin McDine

James Wade vs. Gary Mawson

Terry Jenkins vs. Denis Ovens

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Just noticed all this stuff. Where to start.

I seen that. If he can get through that one, he's capable of going very close to getting a shot I reckon. If he plays his best darts, he IS capable. I'm pretty sure he won the Inverclyde Open.

He didnt, Craig Baxter and Robert Thornton have won the two of them respectively. But big Drew is well capable, unbeaten in the league this year with lots of highlights.

Sean White 4-3 Jelle Klaasen.

Nae luck tigerton. :lol:


Van Der Rassel puts out Andy Smith. :(

Alan Tabern is in the last 16 too.

Fucking love Jan van der Rassel!!!!

Colin Osborne got another win under his belt.

:angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry: :angry:

my prayers for him to die in a fire have are yet to come true :(

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Tonights games

King v Shepherd

Barney v Francis Hoenselaar

O'shea V Woods

Osbourne v Llyod

Taylor v Dobromyslova

Part v Painter

Fitton v Maish

Webster v VVVV

Osbourne v llyod,part v painter,and webster v Van der voort all look tasty.

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Coverage just about to get underway on ITV4 ... looking forward to Osborne vs Lloyd and Part vs Painter.

I must admit this is one of the tournaments i look forward to most, it's a good format with the mixed codes playing.

ITV put on a good tournament, generally not as much razzmatazz as sky which is good.

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Oooh, that's some ruthless darts - Barney takes out 160 with Francis sitting on 41.

Two 5 -0 's on the trot?

Edit, That big gormless c**t was just fucking around there, allowed her to win that leg.

Bet loads of 5-0 bookie slips are getting launched just now

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