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  1. Saints win. The Alamo has been shut for a few years. Our under 12 balaclava mob will deal with you.
  2. Thought we deserved something today, but wasn't to be. Good luck to Livi in their run in. I'm confident we'll bounce back next week.
  3. Any kind of win today please. With Killie unlikely to get 3 points at Celtic Park today, there's a massive incentive for us.
  4. I think he said he was aiming for a 3rd place finish and for cup final appearances. He never quite guaranteed it.
  5. Even 6 or 7 pts from our next 3 wouldn't be a disaster.
  6. The thing that has helped us recently is taking points off our closest rivals for the top 6. The wins against Dundee, Hibs and to a lesser extent Aberdeen have really helped put us in a strong position. Now to cement another very positive season, we have games against the current bottom 3 coming up. I'll take that.
  7. So, these games in hand that Aberdeen have ?
  8. Played well today but just never got the breaks. Play like that in the run in to the split, we'll be fine.
  9. If we don't concede in the first 10 minutes and keep 11 players on the park, then we might have a chance. Heehaw to lose, attack, attack, attack attack attack.
  10. Tbf, its not only Celtic and Rangers that benefit from unfair decisions.
  11. Bold statement coming from you. Anyway, I'll be in Stobswell in about an hour if any Utility are about wanting knocked out.
  12. I've recently been working in and about Dundee. Nice enough place and the people all seem decent and down to earth. Bits of it remind of Liverpool- hilly streets sloping down towards a large river and where the Discovery ship is moored.
  13. It said handball on the screens at the game.
  14. I wouldn't be surprised if we see a late bid coming in for him before the window shuts.
  15. The Rangers win 1-0 in the early kick off and their manager blames our pitch. The Celtic win 1-0 and their manager blames the pitch.
  16. Given the weather we've had this month, its no surprise the pitch wasn't at its best. This though wasn't the reason that the game was close.
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