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  1. I have him. He owes me a pint for picking him in my team of immortals!
  2. I had him on my list but asked MS to take him out as I thought he might not get a valid obit. I remain a deadpool virgin.
  3. Thanks Owen, good to know my memory wasn't playing tricks with me!
  4. Was their a time when Alloa used kits discarded by Wolves? or am I just making it up?
  5. This year was my first effort and with hindsight my picks were extremely naive. This year I will mostly be picking auld c*nts knocking on deaths door.
  6. Too much of a coincidence that Robertson left ICT the same day Rice went to Livi. Didn't he used to stay in Tillicoultry? so may have family ties in the area.
  7. By the law of averages it must be Falkirks turn to go up. Falkirk Hamilton Cove Alloa Queens Montrose Stirling Kelty Annan Edinburgh
  8. No surprise to see Hamilton have released Doyle. Another player that hopefully heads our way.
  9. According to the record we are after PJ Morrison. Would be happy with that.
  10. Airdrie 1-1 QOS Dunfermline 3-1 Clyde Kelty 1-0 Peterhead Montrose 2-2 Alloa
  11. Airdrie 2 Dunfermline 2 Alloa 2 Falkirk 2 Edinburgh 3 Kelty 1 Peterhead 1 Clyde 1 QOS 3 Montrose 0
  12. Clyde 1-2 FC Edinburgh Dunfermline 2-1 Queen of the South Falkirk 1-1 Airdrieonians Kelty Hearts 1-2 Alloa Athletic Montrose 3-1 Peterhead
  13. Airdrie 2-0 Montrose Alloa 3-3 Queens Falkirk 1-1 Dunfermline Kelty 1-0 Clyde Peterhead 1-2 Edinburgh
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