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  1. Hi this Slip from the Quiz league, over there we hit greens for good and the great. I noticed the guy who runs this joint gets about 7 greens for his Sunday stuff. It's fucking out of order, that you all click and read without an thanks. Give the boy some love.
  2. THESE FUCKER PLAYED AT MY 18TH private party (hair today studio)
  3. Bump. 50th today fuckers... Get those tunes a coming. Green/Red will be given
  4. Mid week league update. Pfizer @TheGreenElves & @Salvo Montalbano Wannabe @Duszek & @Ronaldo Jeremy Last Chance @NJ2 @CaspianChris @pleslie99
  5. @MEADOWXI & @The Captain 2 @Cheese & @TheGreenElves 2 @BigBo10 & @SlipperyP 2 @kingjoey & @Salvo Montalbano 0 @Ross. & @The Hologram 1 @Claudia Gentile & @JamesP_81 1 These scores have been added to your Wednesday score.
  6. That's exactly like the one I killed in the bathroom not long ago. They are deadly...
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