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  1. our win yesterday officially relegated Edinburgh Uni from the LL
  2. Oh this was very much my point before the 2 got horsed out the front door.
  3. You'll love it here. Every morning, is like a 30 man new recruits Monday, nobody knows what to do, no plan no f**k all. I've worked in 6 different places here, they are all the same.
  4. 1994/95 new year, I stayed in Solihull and for 4 days over new year, her sister came and stay with her boyfriend. On their arrival the presented us with a food hamper. BRILLIANT, cheese bottle of wine, steak pie the works... As I said, they stayed 4 days, they never bought anything else during their time, 4 days. Booze, food, drugs...nothing. On their last day, just before they were to head off, he handed me a receipt. It was for 50 English pounds. Asked for half, for the hamper. No they never got it and they never returned.
  5. Thank you @Jacksgranda for this glorious thread. Thank you Dundee, you never let us done. Please pass the baton onto HMFC We can all sing together 'Thank you'.
  6. Serious question. Who is he and what has he done as a manager to land this gig?
  7. There about a foot long and fast.
  8. just killed one of these fuckers in my bathroom. Son went for a shower and shouted on, that the cat going crazy. hit it about 12 times before it stopped moving. There venomous and will put you in hospital, even kill you, if you get bitten.
  9. Congratulations to @Bully Wee Villa in his cup victory. No handshake will be offered. No excuses, but, the scheduling was obviously pressured on @Eednud to call the final slap bang in the middle of Thailands main festival (new year). When IQ level were not at their peak. We managed to form a few brain cells together at sent out the team to not let us down, and by Buddha they never. Very proud of them. We'll regroup, the heads will not drop and be ready for the next time. The powers above will not stop us. Victory in our hearts will never be broken.
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