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  1. Don't want to write the guy off, as he has played 9 times in Championship and against Liverpool in FA Cup, and has been in Wales squad BUT he does need to llearn and learn quickly. I'll give him the benefit of the doubt at the Spartans game that it was a simple misjudgement but Graham out foxed him with the dark arts. I do think Graham went over the line at times, but you have to be in it to win it as it were. Graham when he came on he showed he was stronger and didn't let Brian Graham have his own way. I'd start Graham on Saturday, but I'd get the Denham to work with Moult & Watt with them throwing everything at him to get him used to it before the league opener.
  2. Thistle had done thheir homework after the Spartans game and new exactly what areas and who to target. Graham up against Denholm to see if he'd crack. It worked as he did. If Doolan hadn't done that then you'd have to question his ability to be involved in football.
  3. Utterly amazed that Holt wasn't switched to marking Graham after it became obvious Denham had difficulties. My only criticism of Holt was what appeared to be his inability to turn his head to the left. You'd see Fotheringham and/or McMann in space on the left handside of the pitch with no Thistle player within 18ft of them. Holt moves up the pitch with his head turned to the right and passes to Denham who passed it back to Holt, or Docherty who passed it straight back or it was hit right to a player marked by at least 2 players. I really struggle to comprehend any player not looking at the entire picture in front of him and having the intelligence to hit it quickly to the guys in space.
  4. When he signed it was being talked about as a midfielder. Looks like Grimshaw himself wants to play midfield.. Needs to play RB and Freeman needs taken out of the firing line & worked on behind the scenes to get the player back of a couple years ago.
  5. It's just same shit different day. That could have been Cszaba McKinnon, Jim Lazlo or Ray Goodwin Who the hell thought it was a good idea to build the play through Kevin Holt. Maybe if he was capable of turning his head to the left it might make a diffierence. Phuq me we are in trouble.
  6. DC Thomson reporting its Moult https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/dundee-united/4564750/louis-moult-set-for-dundee-united-transfer/?utm_source=twitter&utm_medium=social
  7. Another forum has the striker as Louis Moult. So far it could be Doidge, Jakubiak or Moult. Is this signinng held up due to no new away tops for them to model in their announcement photos?
  8. That's just what we need a striker that is prolific, or at least a good goal scoring record throughout his career. ....oh hang on...
  9. Managing a football team is very much like making love to a beautiful woman. You need to talk well to sell yourself and make them want you. You need to make sure your charges are fit and strong annd fight to the end. You need to thrust and parry and break down her defence. You need to be hard, but silky where it needs it & sometimes you need to get in behind. After a 90 minute performance with no let up and total dominance, you need to leave those that matter with feelings of ectasy after scoring again and again. James " Handsome" Goodwin, ladies man, housewives' favourite, football manager.
  10. Whoever that is dear me. What makes a Championship club is the fact it is in the Championship. It really isn't difficult. I'm comfortable with that, I don't like it one bit, but it is what it is. And "couldn't of took"???
  11. Middleton is playing exactly as the player I expected, which is why I wasn't enamored with hia signing. The guy has talent but lst season looked overweight ( for a pro footballer)and unfit. This is season he does look slimmer. He looks like a lot of the boys we.produce. proficient with the ball at his feet (can take a free kick), but in a game there is a lot of huff and puff but absolutely nothing happens. There are so many games wherw he could sit back in the dugout and you'd never notice he'd gone off. Watt, I do wonder if he was rushed back as we needed someone there, or Goodwin thought, it's Spartans, that would be fine to use to get Watt up to speed for the League opener. The big, bif disappointment for me was, especially in the forst half, thr slow, laboured play. The exact opposite of what Goodwin said he wanted us to play.
  12. We have looked better since Mochrie, Glass & MacLeod came on. But jeez this is a poor, poor watch. Cudjoe been our best attacking option. Disappointed I boughtt tickets for the home games.
  13. That was one of my pet hates in football, players throwing themselves down and grabbing the ball before the ref blows the whistle. Correctly penalised for handball.
  14. It is the same as last season. Other teams look more fluid and faster than us. We play like we are in a friendly that doesn't matter with zero intensity. Still far to slow.
  15. Cheers for the details. It just gives further evidence of the complete waste of resources that has been going on, by comparison, at our club.
  16. Was about to post the same. Might be an inspired move. Maybe Watt has shown a really good level of commitment and desire to helping the club in chats with Goodwin.
  17. Considering why he has been given leave I would be extremely surprised if he wasn't away. His best interests would probably be served getting a club in Australia.
  18. Squad numbers have been released. No numbers for Birighitti or Mulgrew. Behich has a number so maybe he has said he will be back, although given the circumstances that would be a surprise.
  19. Saints do and have money in the bank and Motherwell are close, had a £3.5 million profit for season 20/21 announced in 2022 and a £1million loss the year after. Others I'll need to look up
  20. Looks a decent appointment to be fair. I see other backroom staff changes have been announced too in the performance & conditioning side of things.
  21. How the hell can St Johnstone win cups, stay in the Premiership and make a profit, Motherwell seem to be manageing OK too, yet we are up to our eyballs even with multi million pound transfer fees, we've been told record sponsorship deals over the last few season. We have greater resources, but they have been miss-used for years.
  22. I am really sorry but for me and the comments I've seen this is spectacularly missing the point, much like a McNulty shot at goal. I subscribe to the Courier so no issue for me and yes there are vast swathes of entitlement in society where folk believe they should get everything for free but this is not what I am seeing here. The complaints here are that United set ST prices at Premiership level and said "we'll give you a 10% rebate to use in the shop". This was on top last season's rises. Without this many folk may simply have not bought/renewed at the advertised prices which are by far and away the highest in the Championship. There has then been no mention of the rebate again until a couple days ago, where a United Webpage mentioned 48 hours until news of rebate etc. The cux.of the matter is the FIRST anyone hears of the details of the rebate is in a Courier interview with Luigi Capuano where he hopes fans won't take it and compares It with COVID which was completely out of the clubs control and had no money at all coming in. THIS part should have been via club website or an email to every ST purchaser, the club have all our email addresses and would have cost the club zero. It is common courtesy, not to give this out first via a (quite correctly) paywalled news website and not tonuse the emotional blackmail, no matter how correct in said interview. This is a completely separate issue to the quality of the in house media, or Luigi Capuano giving an interview. The rest of the interview is fine,.no issues at all. In fact a lot of it is welcome, an admission of failure from the club amongst other things. The interview is to be commended, allowing an outside journalist to ask the questions, it is the, what feels like, underhand, pre official announcement of the rebate "please let us keep the money" request contained within.
  23. Yup, but remember your "rebate" voucher has a useby date of December 31st and if your on holiday you may miss out in the deadline. Right lads donyou think there are enough babrriers so that if the fans ask for the "rebate"" they'll not actually use them?
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