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  1. As bad as he is he isn't the reason we more than likely will be relegated. If that was the case that would mean the rest of the squad were competent. The defence has been shocking, incapable of stopping crosses, Can't, cope with high balls completely oblivious to runners, can't tackle & no idea what to do in posession other than slow the play down and launch it, I'll exempt Loick Ayina as he has generally looked decent. The midfield are almost non existent. Too often they are hiding again can't tackle nor open a defence. Our most competent midfielder is a player released from Livingston and was set to sign for League 1 Dunfermline. You could go on. It is unbelievable that we have more international caps in the squad than I can remember, but no heart. Players would rather stop and pass backwards in a must win game than take on a left or right back. We have the worst conversion rate from corners in the league. So many players are too casual, think they are better than they show. It's an absolute shitshow from top to bottom. Too much tail wagging the dog poor unbalanced recruitment, poor tactics, poor recruitment meaning certain players start irrespective of performance, and a bunch of professionals who have proved unmaginable to 3 different managers this season, who can't do the basics and seem completely lacking in game intelligence. Birighitti is beyond calamity, but not the sole reason..
  2. Luigi Capuano is one of his. There are still quite a few others
  3. Perfectly happy for him to do that. That's 2 managers they have got rid of this season. About time they were publicly humiliated and called out for their shite. Perform they way they did 2nd half and against Saint Johnstone, they aren't staying up no matter what, absolute shitebags!
  4. I remember being at the Bonar Hall to listen to Ogren,Asghar, Neilson and Renoylds. One of the thing said there, referencing Paul Quinn's embarrassing comments, was how they speak to loads of folk and assess thr attitude etc of the player not just the footballing abilities. Having watched the players that have been signed since I heard that it, really doesn't seem true at all. The lack of fight and commitment on the park is astounding at times. Watching today, the folk you'd want to have in the trenches with you were in blue, certainly not tangerine. It's all well having talent, but you've got to have heart, desire and commitment to the cause. We don't show that.
  5. Sorry that was a typo, that should be "Ref". The Mulgrew tackle happened right in front where I was in the stand. Mulgrew clearly lifted his leg to impede the Saint's player. A clear professional foul. Another poor decision from Mulgrew this season.
  6. Believe me, I get it. As annoying and frustrating as it is to the opposition (and by f**k was it annoying!!) It works. It oushes the limits of acceptability but I wish we were far more streetwise. Far too often this season we have not let other teams know they were in a game, everything was too "nice" As much as we moan about it, we could do with a wee bit of it ourselves.
  7. The annoying thing though was Saint's managed it OK. I mean if kids can pass a ball on a dodgy concrete surface OK in a playground, surely a professional player can make allowances and adjust?
  8. Nice of you to show you haven't read the thread, but like to think folk greet about games like you do! The ref no matter how poor & inconsistent, didn't cost us the game, the, let's put it kindly, "streetwise" Saint's play didn't cost us they game, our performance where we forgot how to bring a ball down and pass rather than hoof it, our lack of pace and general sloppy play cost us.
  9. Alan Muis's performance today was pathetic end of story, absolutely woeful and knownone could say he had a good performance. On the particular point about the offside, hadn't seen that rule change, but hold my hands up to that one. No need to be quite so indignant about it.
  10. Fair enough, hadn't seen that at a game I've been at before and hadn't seen that change. I take it knowing my luck its been change for a couple of seasons or was that for this season?
  11. He is fully.commited. I wish others had his desire, might not be in the position we are in.
  12. A few Saint's players left studs on folk after the ball was played, Behich was the most obvious in thr first half. I did especially like the off side decision against United taken from inside United half and Behich penalised for jumping near a Saint's player. That's Alan Muir for you!!
  13. He isn't. That game today was back to slow ball and hoof. The last few games it has been the ball moved quicklyat pace via midfield and out wide. Today could have been a Liam Fox display Yes we have played it to Fletcher, mught has well take advantage of his abilities, but not exclusively since Goodwin came in. The "me to you to me" with McMann & Behich when a first time cross was the answer was driving me made. Behich has the ability to go past folk yet didn't show it today, turned back almost every time. The week off has come at the worst time for us. But just didn't play, no-one seemed to take real responsibility today for us. You did what you had to do for the win.
  14. Thing is for the previous few games we haven't. Apart from the first 10 minutes or so, we just didn't play. I really can not for the life of me work out why a professional footballer with time to bring a ball down and make a pass, 1st.time launches it or headers it straight to the opposition!! Absolute shocking pre-Goodwin performance from the players today. Alan Muir was shocking, some very unpleasant studs left on folk from a few players ignored, but we lost because we just didn't perform today.
  15. It was the linesman that Nads was accused of trying to strangle. Clancy was the ref who sent Nads off after ignoring an ICT player grabbing Paton by the the neck, Foran poking Nads in the eyes, while another ICT player held him back, and also ignored the disgraceful Foran tackle on GMS & Butcher's shocking behaviour too. Clancy has though since that game definitely holds a grudge though, as incompetent as he is, his performances in games with use goes far beyond that.
  16. Is he not doing well? I remember the shock in Poland that he had joined United, they felt he would have gone to a bigger club than us. Was very highly regarded in Poland. Much like now there was something very wrong at the club. I enclude the goalkeeping coach who ruined the ones at the club and has managed to turn 2 goalkeepers we currently have into absolute no hopers. Should never have allowed Steve Banks to leave
  17. That was one of the guys that sits with us. He was on his way out, was that scunnered he went to shout walked past where he intended, then came to his senses and walked off. He's completely gutted about the whole situation.
  18. Would love that to be the case, that they didn't get it, leave it empty or let us have some of it.
  19. We did in Dundee Derby games, the AZ home game and a few others. This season we had record ST sales, but the way the season has gone we'd probably struggle to get much in there. If this season had gone as hoped for then I'm sure home fans would have been in there a lot more often.
  20. There has been an agreementmade to avoid giving it to away fans as much as possible. The roof.covering makes the fans in there very noisy and it was said that we are at home, why should we guve away any advantage. Just wish they'd follow through with it completely and ban the Glasgow 2 from it.
  21. At least someone is enjoying our season and liking the mangerial apointment
  22. The announcement of Goodwin as manager states that the board is Mark Ogren, Scott Ogren, Jimmy Fyffe and Luigi Capuano. Not a lot of football experience there. I take it Revolution Sports linked Capuano is the one being relied on for football experience now.
  23. Kind of where I am, I can not be disapointed over his tenure. Anything other than a disaster will be a bonus.
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