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Annoying things people write on Facebook


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1 minute ago, Romeo said:


Maybe we could round them up.... Concentrate them somewhere... Some kind of camp... Not sure what we could call it.


Parkhead perhaps default_eusa_think.gif

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**PLEASE SHARE** Anyone who has used Hayats cash machine this morning please check your bank account. My friend used it this morning and has now had £100 taken from her bank from London and Glasgow areas. Not 100% sure if this is the case but just be aware. [emoji108]????

Seen this belter

" Not 100% sure but be aware" ????

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2 minutes ago, speccy1984 said:

now had £100 taken from her bank from London and Glasgow

Dodgy as f**k those Londoners and Glaswegians though. All for the watching :o 

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I also liked this one, which is about a local ATM being closed:
Never thought I'd miss you
Every single day
I really wish they'd never
Taken you away.
To me you were a lifeline 
A service I did need
And every time I used you
My wallet you would feed.
You really was a trusty friend 
Just there for me to turn to
When I needed money 
You'd slide it, as you do.
Now I have to travel
Far along the road
To find another just like you
In a different abode.
You used to drive me crazy 
At times I could not see
When sun was shining brightly 
Reflecting back on me.
I'd have to bend my head in 
And squint my eyes real tight
To see what you were saying
I must have looked a sight.
But still you were there for me
And now I do so miss
You being round that corner 
I really, truly wish.
They'd bring you back, put you in place
So I can see you there
And use you like I always did
This commodity so rare.
So someone reinstate it
My handy ATM
A useful contribution 
The creme de la creme. 

Some people shouldn't be allowed words
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My sister just posted a photo asking people for help tracing a missing kid. So you know...good for her. The kid went missing in October 1967.
I haven't shared.

Is she trying to tell you something?
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