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2 minutes ago, Caledonian1 said:

Great !! the big triple.....uninterested, unavailable and physically repulsed.

No matter how many times I watch Peep Show I never get used to how unbelievably good looking Elena is.

If you'd like to bang her, why don't you just come out and say it?


She's no Nancy  :ph34r:


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Been rewatching Peep Show after giving myself a couple of years break and it’s still extremely high level comedy. When Jez and Hans are gifted the pub and Jez turns and says ‘I'm just really not happy with the name "Free the Paedos". :lol: Will never not be funny. 

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Look at you! God you've changed so much! although, I think you might be wearing exactly the same clothes as when I last saw you.

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