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The All New Occasionally Aussie P+B Quiz League and ☕ Occasional Cup ☕

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The Final League Tables are brought to you by Jason Mraz - Geek In The Pink


2 IN A ROW. @TheGreenElves 34th winners trophy. @Insert Amusing Pseudonym dropped a dolly, comes 2nd for the 4th time.

@Arch Stanton is in the Europa Cup

@Eednud & @scottsdad playoff for their weekly cup spots

@Bodie is in the Mugs Cup.

@JamesP_81 & @BaSeDG0DSA1NT go and rethink. @The Hologram seems he can't juggle.

@gkneil is in the playoff.



Bestest score of the week @Geaky takes a lucky 13th title (2nd tier). @Helpma & @Bully Wee Villa are back after a few weeks away.

@Leeds Saint will try again in the playoff.

@pleslie99 doubled down. @101 can't find any room @The_Kincardine puts it all in one basket. They all hit the road.

@The Captainis in the playoff.



He sure racks up the Diddy titles @Ross. onto his 18th. @The DA doesn't stay too long. @senorsoupe turn around was good!

New lad @MEADOWXI is in the playoff.

No eyes were on @Gaz as he comes flying under the IQ radar. 3rd timer.


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Playoff # 6/23  I'm rolling...

Putting the keys in the bowl this weekend are;

Pfizer Premiership 4th/5th Place Playoff

@Eednud  image.png.5a231fcce30eb565e954d6520392f0c0.png v @scottsdad  image.png.0f08f91b412a970e658ddcc5d92f8eaa.png

The Spirit of Ecstasy Playoff

@gkneil  image.png.b71308b60438957ef1bebe73a5a0ddc4.png v @Leeds Saint  image.png.92613cb78b25755761397e56e57481ba.png

The Spirit of Speed Playoff

@The Captain  image.png.355ea7a8889a9435d3eb6607f80fdabc.png v @MEADOWXI  image.png.726b85e6fc48dba87825d2d3f67da965.png

Last Chance to get in the Diddy Cup Playoff

@pleslie99  image.png.06d267ddb9f35da633da0a6407c864f3.png v @101  image.png.fe8df46d2e1033b2da22f60117959d41.png

  • Question - In 2021, how many new Rolls-Royce were delivered for retail?

Answers to be left under the hood, no later than 13:00 TT (Thai Time) Tuesday.

Good luck!

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