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The All New Occasionally Aussie P+B Quiz League and ☕ Occasional Cup ☕

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We go to a extra question.

@Arch Stanton no score v @Tynie Bagstock no score& @kingjoey 16,747 v @The DA no score

What is the capacity of  Al-Jazeera Club (Jordan) stadium? 17,619 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Al-Jazeera_SC_(Amman)

No winner of the Super Cup last week.

@kingjoey wins the Diddy Cup DCWkingjoey.PNG.d7f843109cce095d685b0f5b44350ffd.PNG

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Playoff # 6/23  I'm rolling...

Putting the keys in the bowl this weekend were;

Pfizer Premiership 4th/5th Place Playoff

@Eednud  image.png.5a231fcce30eb565e954d6520392f0c0.png 0 v @scottsdad  image.png.0f08f91b412a970e658ddcc5d92f8eaa.png 5,000

The Spirit of Ecstasy Playoff

@gkneil  image.png.b71308b60438957ef1bebe73a5a0ddc4.png 5,000 v @Leeds Saint  image.png.92613cb78b25755761397e56e57481ba.png 1,000

The Spirit of Speed Playoff

@The Captain  image.png.355ea7a8889a9435d3eb6607f80fdabc.png 1,000 v @MEADOWXI  image.png.726b85e6fc48dba87825d2d3f67da965.png no score

Last Chance to get in the Diddy Cup Playoff

@pleslie99  image.png.06d267ddb9f35da633da0a6407c864f3.png 100 v @101  image.png.fe8df46d2e1033b2da22f60117959d41.png 6,543

@scottsdad is in the Europa Cup @Eednud is in the Mugs Cup.

@101 plays in the Diddy Cup @pleslie99 only ha league duties.

No movement in the leagues...

Be good, stay safe!

Good luck!

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