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Grey Goose Wankers


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I'm not a huge fan of vodka on its own (prefer our own tipple), but is it something that many people actually do drink neat without ice to kill the taste?

You don't need to"kill the taste" with the good ones, but if you drink pish like smirnoff, you would probably have your insides burned off if you drank it straight.

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A decent vodka is excellent to drink neat. I've got a bottle of Reyka in the cupboard which I would never dream of mixing with a mixer, just as I wouldn't add coke to a good malt whisky. Merits the £25 a bottle imo. Russian Standard isn't anywhere close to it but relatively decent - I'd call it the 'Famous Grouse' of vodkas.

Some folk don't seem to realise that Smirnoff is basically the vodka equivalent of our worst blended whiskies. No matter what the fancy adverts say, that's why it's half the price and tastes, well... shite.

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that Polish Bison Grass flavoured stuff.

I had a bottle of that Zubrowka in the freezer not too long ago. Being rather tasty, it didn't last very long. I just find some neat vodkas incredibly refreshing and will go for it over a nice malt whisky some nights.

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Frozen vodka can be lethal - one time I was round at a mate's place watching some NFL playoff game - just me, him and one more guy. We'd run out of beers just after half time, when our host remembered his missus had brought him back some vodka from a trip to Russia, that originated in Mongolia or somewhere equally bizarre that he'd frozen and forgot about. The long and short was it was great and went down all too well and we tanned the bottle between us.

Next lunchtime I was awakened by the phone: my mate, seriously pissed off.

"You're a clatty b*****d."


"You spewed up in my bath last night..."

"Things at the end of the night were hazy, but I'd have remembered that..."

"Must have been that mingin' p***k John then..."

"No, John left at the same time as I did."

"Fucksake. Must have been me."

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A good vodka over ice is sublime. Absolut, Russian Standard and Smirnoff are all horrific.

Grey Goose is lovely but much like Cristal it has been taken on as the drink of bell ends. I can't recommend Chase enough which is an English potato vodka. Has a slightly vanilla taste but is excellent. Well worth the £30 for a bottle.

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