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I think the most impressive aspect of Andy's play was just the acceptance of good shots by his opponent.  The set point in the first set was just ridiculously good from Nava.  Nava's power in the first set was sublime, forcing Andy into the corners and particularly opening up the deuce side of the court.  Andy just systematically broke down the backhand and extracted errors, and ran away with it.  Very impressive.

With Tsitsipas already out, he could really take advantage of an opening draw if he was to beat Berrettini.  A couple of ifs, but if he can serve well with a slightly higher % and his +1 shot he can lead with the forehand like he has been doing, I think he will win and get the upset.

I feel a bit sorry for Radacanu, the level of expectation has been so high, and if she got the same seven opponents again this time she'd probably beat them all again.  It was just the perfect storm of upsets and her form and belief just sky rocketing for two weeks.  Swiatek and Barty were both knocked out in the round previous and she got the tired opponent each time.  Fernandez' run to the final was far more impressive.  She beat Kerber, Osaka, Svitolina and Sabalenka.

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Yeah second set Berrettini 6-4 again. Murray did at least get a break in that set there, but he got broken twice back. Long way back from here, he’s going to need to win it in five.

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And it’s over in four sets with the Berrettini winning the fourth 6-3. Draw opened up for the Italian now, expect him to go far and would say he’s got an outside shot of winning the whole thing, he’s good enough if he can get the serve working consistently.
Decent show from and a good enough tournament from Murray, but this was always going to be a step too far. That’s his majors over for another year, will he back for Australia in 2023?

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44 minutes ago, Left Back said:

He should retire gracefully before he starts really embarassing himself.

People have been saying that, whenever he loses, since about 2018 and thankfully he hasn't listened yet.

He can rest up for Davis Cup in a couple of weeks where he'll likely play doubles with Salisbury, meaning he'd be potentially keeping the next World No.1 Skupski out, as he's likely to be the 5th man called up now due to Draper's injury.

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