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Heads Gone (The 8MileBU Awards)

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@Black and White Tragic responds to an update of the 'Magic Hat' song. Link

On 09/08/2016 at 09:54, Black and White Tragic said:

Mon Dieu thinks he's all that,
Because he wrote fuckin' poem.
He's already got 8 greenies,
From those that want to blow um.

I'm not goin Saturday,
Get that through your head.
I'm spending cash on women,
And booze and drugs instead.

After over a century,
Hibs won the Scottish Cup.
But in a Falkirk dance off,
They were then shown up.

So another season for the Hibees,
Is this your Hotel California?
But fans pay over odds at gate,
Because they all adore ya.

Neil Lennon at the helm,
Of the Hibee ship.
He may just earn you,
Another season in the Championship.

If you couldn't care less,
Don't bother with replies.
Do I have so many on the hook at once,
Or am I being ostracised?





Edited by Mon Dieu
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I've read far worse, take this wee gem for instance. 

"Not when that smelly c**t at your birds work is still on the scene.

trying to fingerbang her beside the vending machines."

(B Skidmarks)

Although it does have some early punk rock naivety about it?



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All replies should be made to rhyme.

those that don't should get ban time.

if you can't do it then howd yer wheest 

we all know yous a fuckin big b-b-banned word 

MC ban Hammer time 


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5 hours ago, The Grass Is Greener. said:

In before the banning.

Though his name is a nod to the Gods, 

Mon Dieu here is taunting the mods,

The Easter Road deity,

Brings laughter and gaiety,

And a ban would be vile,

For the Leith Franckophile

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1 minute ago, Pete Rockwell said:

From this day on I'm only handing out abuse on here via the medium of poetry.

don't be so silly

who once was called Billy

go give it a punt

sorry I can't think of a last line?


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There once was a poster called throbber

He just loved playing with his dobber

Once safely inside his sock

He'd tear the heid off his cock

But his missus thinks crusty socks are improper


Edited by KnightswoodBear
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If Pie and Bovril were a Billy Joel song:

Cheesy Wotsits, ruined trainers, Paedophile pool,

Ruel Street, crispy pets, 8Mile flinging stool.

Pie review, verge of tears, Griffiths is a thumb,

Mumsnet, scheme goblin, Philpy does the worm.

Windows down, heating up, cock-teasing bitch,

T-bone stag, BarraJag, artificial pitch.

Lowing chipmunk, Charles Green, seething alias,

Heads gone, kicking pie, swing and a miss.


Edited by Sweet Pete
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1 hour ago, throbber said:

There once was a poster called Billy

His dress sense was quite rather silly

A big fan of gaymin

He then changed his name an'

Now he's called Pete he's a willy.

Bet that took you fucking ages to come up with. 

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