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Hamilton Academical v Partick Thistle

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This is an intriguing match. We’ve got the monkey off the back with the win (however shite we played) versus the Dee at the weekend whilst Accies have lost six straight. Both managers are safe as houses in regards their jobs but Archie hasn’t come out and publicly thrown any players under the bus unlike Canning. I find it an interesting tactic when a gaffer singles out players. It usually back fires but occasionally there is a positive response.


We’ll have a decent XI despite all the injuries. Whomever wins the midfield battle wins this game in my opinion. We miss Osman badly. We don’t even have Banzo and Fraser is just returning. For me Barton needs to be middle of the back three but we lack midfield options. He needs to perform midweek and put a shift in. The team is more than likely going to be similar to Saturday but I expect Spittal and Storey to play. Archie may play with two up front which means Dools gets the nod. Lawless and Spittal wide with Squiddy attacking midfield.


Maybe 3-5-2?




Keown Devine Turnbull



Spittal Lawless




Doolan Storey


That XI should be beating any bottom six side. Barton doesn’t need to be getting too far forward and Edwards is your cart horse. His work rate is invaluable at present. Erskine is then allowed to roam as a #10 supporting the two up top. Lawless and Spittal as wide players giving us the width we need. We don’t have any fit full backs other than McGinn and he can be the cover. The Czech is a centre

Half in my book. Alternatively you play McGinn and drop a wide player or Squiddy pushing Spittal or Lawless in #10 role.


Not sure the outcome but I think we should have the players to win this. We have this game and a home one versus Saints at weekend to put down a marker. If we don’t then Archie better start making plans for the Championship as the injuries and lack of fight from a few of the players against Killie was not good. Weekend v Dee was a little better but we were honking for first hour. Im sure the gaffer communicated his thoughts! I’m with Archie all the way. I don’t think a change is the right move. He has proven what he can do. And he has won the championship so win or lose this year let’s not be another club that fires their manager and it’s a revolving door of mediocrity for the next 5-10 years. We’re a well run club and we’ve got a long term plan. I’d rather have a great well professional run club than one that has a board who panics and fires good coaches and servants of the club every time we have a rough patch. We go down we all do it together and then bounce back as we have stability and people who care deeply about making the right moves. Look at some of the other clubs that panic. It’s a shambles and can take them several years to recover.


Sorry this was a huge post. I’ve a lot stewing in my mind. Mon’ the Jags!


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McCarthy has to start. Wouldn't want to be going away to Accies with a CM pairing of Barton + Edwards

Im thinking it will be mostly same line up as Dundee but Storey and Spittal starting ahead of Sammon and Erskine

Shitfest the majority of the game and hope Accies run out of ideas and hit them on the break with pace and maybe a Spittal freekick

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Given the admission that Turnbull was out of place at full back, I won't be surprised to see us deploy Spittal at left wing back tomorrow.

As much as Saturday wasn't the game to start Sammon in my opinion, I'd start him alongside Dools with Storey on the bench.

McCarthy did enough to keep his jersey and should start. You'd hope that our midfield would be better by virtue of having an extra body in there but as Saturday proved, that's not always the case.

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This is impossible to predict. Whilst it was great to get a win in such dramatic circumstances, there’s no getting away from just how poor we were.

Accies are on a horrible run, but they are past masters at pulling out a result from nowhere.

Its a waste of time trying to guess how we’ll line up, but I hope our team is as close to the one that finished the Dundee game as possible. We’re a much better team when Spittal and Doolan are on the pitch. 


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