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The Chronicles of the Banter Years (2012 - ∞)

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I'll take a stab of adding to the Banter years chronicle, please feel free to add things I didn't think of


May 24, 2016 - Rangers announce the signing of Joey Barton as their marquee player for their title charge

Aug 6, 2016 - First home game of the season sees Rangers unveil a "Going for 55" card display at Ibrox, the game ends a 1-1 draw against Hamilton

Aug 20, 2016 - Rangers spend over 1 Million pounds on Joe Garner from Ipswich

Aug 31, 2016 - Rangers sign Philippe Senderos

Sept 10, 2016 - Rangers lose the first old firm game 5-1, a match which sees Senderos sent off on his Debut and Joey Barton humiliated by Scott Brown

Sept 13, 2016 - Marquee signing Barton is sent home from training after a training ground meltdown, he would never play for Rangers again

Feb 10, 2017 - Late Friday night, Rangers release a statement saying that Mark Warburton and David Weir resigned, the next day they deny this and would seek legal advice

March 13, 2017 - Pedro Caixina takes over as manager

April 23, 2017 - Caixina uses empty water glasses to try to explain his teams defeat in the Scottish Cup Semi-Final

Apr 29, 2017 - Rangers lose 5-1 at home, in a game that saw Rangers fans make monkey gestures and a pitch invasion

May 1, 2017 - Rangers and Kenny Miller release statements criticizing John Beaton and Jozo Simunovic over a clean tackle that sent Miller flying


Edit: I see Hibsfan beat me to this

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Up to the OP whether he includes this under 2012/13 or not seeing as Admin seems to be the starting point (there's plenty of material before that, admittedly, so using that as a cut-off seems fair rather than bringing up Malmo, Kaunas etc.):

Prince Albert of Monaco.


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7 hours ago, The Minertaur said:

It's a bit unclear, but I'm pretty sure that seat cover on the right hand side there is embroidered "The Gaffer".

Can you actually cringe yourself inside-out? Asking for a friend.

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2 minutes ago, Zen Archer said:

I don't have a link but recall that they spent a ridiculous sum of money converting Ibrox into a giant wifi hotspot.

£600k, and only 10,000 people can use it at once. They ended up in a legal dispute with the company that fitted it, who wanted another £300k due to late payment, so it potentially cost them nearly £1m

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@HibsFan : loving the thread, so I thought to give it a bit more flavour and to give us an idea of the financial losses incurred to achieve the banter, I've decided to have a quick wee look at the Companies House accounts. I'll try to post them in a similar format to the OP, should you wish to incorporate them:

08th March 2014: Accounts posted to Companies House, Rangers* haemorrhaging money (as per the 13 month period ended 30 June 2013 below)

13th February 2015: Accounts posted to Companies House, Rangers* haemorrhaging money




18th March 2016: Accounts posted to Companies House, Rangers* still haemorrhaging money




21st December 2016: Accounts posted to Companies House, Rangers* still haemorrhaging money







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1 hour ago, Ranaldo Bairn said:

It's a bit unclear, but I'm pretty sure that seat cover on the right hand side there is embroidered "The Gaffer".

Well, there would be no point in actually putting the manager's name on as they'd have to keep changing it.

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8 hours ago, xj2011 said:

the final few minutes and aftermath of the Hibs cup final, not to mention the invention of the nickname "Stranger Dangers" still brings a ray of sunshine to the cloudiest of days 

Thank you Sir, I think I started that nickname on here...........:whistle

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