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Calling Cards of Morons

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6 minutes ago, 19QOS19 said:

Probably posted this before but a while back I was talking to a crazy lady who was all dressed up in what I thought was horse gear. Along with a big flag. She was sitting with another couple who were similarly dressed. I asked if they were going to some sort of Gala and she loudly replied "Naaaaw man, it's a march for Independence!" I chuckled at her response and the fact I was way off. She obviously took this as me mocking her going on a march as she responded with "Aw, a take it yer a Rangers fan then?!".

Do morons (on both sides of course) genuinely think if someone voted No/Yes then it meant they supported Rangers/Celtic?!

If there is another referendum it should be an electronic vote. The first question should be "Which football team do you support?" If the answer is either of the OF then it should be an automatic block and no vote is allowed.


Exhibit A.

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