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A View From The Terrace.

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I kind of float in and out of the podcast. Some weeks it's excellent others it's terrible and it's obvious they have done little to no research on what they're trying to talk about but pass it off as they have. One thing I will say, it's improved a fair bit in that aspect.

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The podcast can be quite good, depending who is on it, so relatively high hopes for this. The two Raith fans are decent, the Killie fan is tremendous but Craig F the Hearts fan is an absolute gimp and the Stenny fan is a complete try hard arsehole on it.

Don’t agree - like most of them, but Fowler and Telfer very good - and seem like they’ll be the main men on the show.

Telfer has great lower league knowledge - like when him and McGuigan do the round up of lower league stuff.
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Never listened to the podcast. I presume it's more of a chat about the week than the structured segments tonight. Think it would have been better to give them more time to have a discussion on some points and more chat about current issues than a discussion about amalgamating Angus and Dundee clubs when everyone watching will be agreeing with them anyway


Having said that quite enjoyed it and a few lols particularly the Boyata Index

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^^^bet a tenner at least one of these was used in the context of a team beating another team or a player running through an opponent at least once*

*SIXTY times

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