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Favourite Film Characters


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Donnie from Wolf of Wall Street. 

"I want you to take that money, count every single dollar of it, then shove it straight up your wife's Latvian c**t"

"Steeeeeeve Maaaaaaaaaadenn.."

"Look my cousin grew up hot, so I figured if anyone's gonna f**k her it should be me"


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Guest SJP79

Han Solo

Doc Holiday by Val Kilmer

Hilts - Great Escape

Private Hudson - Aliens

Charles "Pretty Boy" Floyd by Steve Kanaly

Quint - Jaws

Odd Ball - Kelly's Hero's




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David Collins - The Guest

Lord Summerisle - The Wicker Man

Roy Batty - Blade Runner

Josef - Creep

John Creasy - Man on Fire

Freddy Heflin - Cop Land

MacReady - The Thing

Ron Stallworth - BlacKKKlansman

Carl Showalter - Fargo


Steve Rodgers - Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Paddington - Paddington 2

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