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Toilet Graffitti (the best of)

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9 minutes ago, the tungston weasel said:

Im taking a shit while rwading this.
This is like shitting in a public toilet in the confort of my own home.

Get that on the wall. 

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When I worked at a popular supermarket chain, someone wrote on the gents' toilet wall, in very large letters, that the much-hated general manager of the store had forcibly copulated with his (the writer's) grandfather. A week later that wall had been re-painted.

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4 minutes ago, Estragon said:

I found the legend "pieandbovril.com" scrawled in one of the cubicles at the Mitchell library - might have been around 2006/2007?

nice to see Div found the P&B target audience- toilet perverts.

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Years ago when I went to Kirkcaldy Technical College we did our theory work in the tower block classrooms.

When you went for a shit, emblazoned on the cubicle door was the following.

'Friends, on this floor is the building department, above is business studies, once more society prepares us for management shitting on the workers'

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When West Ham were still at Upton Park, we had QPR at home on a Sunday. I'd been out the previous night and was hanging out my arse.

Second half started and I could wait no longer, so I sprinted to the bogs. An utter mess, piss everywhere but I had to go. 

Mid shite, I looked to my left and noticed someone had written: 

"Toy Story 2 was ok"

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