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Dundee United 2019/2020

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20 hours ago, stumigoo said:

I think we might be looking at  - 


GK - Siegrist, Signing - Happy enough with Siegrist given his recent performance. Fair comment, that it may be a blip, but not a priority for me.

RB - Smith, Watson

CB - Reynolds, Signing, Connolly, Bouhenna, Frans - Connolly gives 100% but is a liabilty, and we need one centre half that can pass (semi competently punt) the ball.

LB - Signing, Booth - Not the priority. Might be a weakish spot, but I'd play Robson if we can't find someone who is basically brilliant - spend elsewhere.

CM - Signing, Signing, Butcher, Harkes, Stanton - The key area for strengthening. Harkes is far too lightweight, and Butcher conversley has little other to offer than bite.

Wingers - McMullan, Pawlett, Robson, Smith, Signing

Strikers - Sow, Clarke, Signing - If we can get Safranko back, that's a good enough strikeforce for winning the Championship, assuming Sow comes into some form.

Priority for me

1. CM - A fit Fyvie basically!

2. ST - Replacement for Safranko if not the man himself.

3. CB - Someone solid who can also play a bit.

Bring in 3 nailed on starters with the majority of the budget available, and then worry about the other spots once we can get rid of the hangers on in the squad.

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Assuming we are going to continue with a 4-2-3-1 formation then we need to bring in strikers who are suited to that lone striker role.

I cannot see us keeping Safranko and Clark is a decent player but is certainly not a ‘one-up-top’ type of striker.

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2 hours ago, Twinkle said:

If Neilson persists with this one up front shite next season, he can f**k off as well

I’m not opposed to 4-2-3-1 per se but there are caveats:

1. You have to bring in the players who can play that system; the right sort of striker(s) being key.  I thought Safranko did brilliantly given that he would have been much better as part of a two but we need to target someone who is genuinely suited to a lone striker role.

2.  You have to be willing to change that system depending upon how the game is going, the formation the opposition is playing, how well/poorly the opposition is playing and, in particular, if you’re chasing a game.  Sticking doggedly to a system when it’s not working effectively and/or it’s not utilising the best qualities of the players available is something that Neilson is guilty of.

Some of the best football I witnessed by a United team in recent times was Armstrong, McKay-Stevens and Gould playing behind Ciftci; absolutely wonderful to watch and highly effective.  I’m not saying we will get players of that calibre again but we must have players suited to a manager’s preferred formation.

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