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Kids food


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Come on folks, don't feel bad or guilty, we all have a favourite kids food so where better to reveal your guilty pleasure than on an anonymous football forum?

Amongst mine are:

•Macaroni cheese.

•Fish fingers on toast with salad cream.

•Baked beans on toast.

Over to you P&B......

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31 minutes ago, Dele said:

Cheese beanos

Turkey dinosaurs. 


This stuff :



Very good shout.

Not with you on the rest of your choices though....... perhaps a generational thing!

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Just now, Granny Danger said:

I like macaroni cheese.  We sometimes have it when our 8 year old granddaughter is having dinner with us.  She helps make it and claims it’s always better because she’s made it.

I made it today for lunch with my daughter. I like to fry finely chopped onion and diced ham through it. Went down a treat :)

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A lot of the things mentioned arent kids food tbh. 

Macaroni cheese, beans on toast.... they arent for kids. 

I enjoy wee willie winkies, rusks, all Bernard Matthew's turkey shapes. There will be others but struggling to think just now. 

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2 hours ago, Bairnardo said:
2 hours ago, Estragon said:
Pom bears are lovely with a beer.

Try Asda own brand Cheeky Monkeys. They are probably better than Pom Bears



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