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It’s not nice is it? You go to a cracking scenic area in the Scottish countryside only to discover some utter c**t and their mates have left all their rubbish behind, including things such as a disposable bbq (which has scorched the ground), beer cans, plastic bags and fold out chairs. What was meant to be pristine countryside has now become the ‘T in the Park campsite on a Monday morning’ tribute act. I absolutely despise it. And this summer, despite the lockdown, people are still doing it.


Why do people litter? What is their excuse? Surely they must know that it’s completely unacceptable. Are they lazy, do they just think someone else is getting it for them? Whatever it is - it’s the absolute pits.


Another thing I hate is full dog shite bags which have been discarded on the ground or, worse still, on a fucking tree branch. Not only have they failed to bin their dogs shite, they’ve littered plastic as well. Well done, you total w**k.


Are you a litterbug? Have you seen anyone litter and told them off for it? How do we tackle the scourge of the litterbug in this country? Education? Fines? Cane offenders like they do in Singapore? Seems to work for them. Cleanest city streets I’ve ever seen.



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As a child of the 1970s I was brainwashed by the Wombles (and also influenced by the possibility of a skelp from dad) and always put my litter in the bin. 

The youth of today though .. maybe schools should bring in litter patrol for the lazy wee fuckers. The young ones that do beach tidy ups and the like are good guys though 

There is a nature reserve called Matka in North Macedonia and that quite often looks like a tip to the embarrassment of my friend when I visit so it's not just this country.

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5 minutes ago, Bonksy+HisChristianParade said:

Where do you stand on bikes being thrown in the Tay?

If they are attached to twats illegally cycling on the pavement then I, for one, am in favour.

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2 minutes ago, Disabled Colin said:

For me this is an epiphanic moment.   I'll never forget my aunt Rosie empty 11 bottles of wine down the sink one new years morn, she'd simply had enough.    These former bike owners deserve our respect, and the state must ensure they get help to integrate back into the community.  

Rosie went back of the bottle btw.  She's now dead.   

You’ve lost me I’m afraid. Is this a yes or a no to bikes being launched into the Tay.

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1 minute ago, Bonksy+HisChristianParade said:

You’ve lost me I’m afraid. Is this a yes or a no to bikes being launched into the Tay.

Oh bonny, bonny silvery Tay,

Someone threw their bike away,

There’s just no time to dilly dally,

We must protest and hold a raleigh.

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18 minutes ago, Disabled Colin said:

*raises hand*  

I've an opinion on this.. 


18 minutes ago, Bonksy+HisChristianParade said:

Go ahead, Disabled Colin. 

All threads should proceed in this manner, imo - this is indeed an epiphanic moment - thank you, gentlemen for showing us the way.


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Litter pisses me off. 

I walked up Ben Nevis a couple of years ago and I was astonished at the amount of rubbish lying around at the top. Some of it had been hidden under stones. There was even an empty Buckfast bottle placed carefully on top of one of the cairns. No doubt some weegie with their tedious "wha's like us" patter. 

I live quite close to a secondary school and the kids make a right fucking mess at lunchtime. They must thinking dropping a crisp packet makes them cool and rebellious. 

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